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I am a former Deputy District Attorney. I know the courts. I know the prosecutors. I know the criminal justice system. Call me at 805-208-1866 now so we can find out if your charges can be dropped and you can sleep better tonight.

The DUI attorneys and expert criminal lawyers at Ridley Defense in Moorpark and Simi Valley, California, are dedicated to devoting all our resources to defending YOU. As your defense attorneys, we are by your side during one of the most difficult periods in your life. In the Conejo Valley, Moorpark, Simi Valley, and other areas of Ventura County, where DUI is prosecuted especially aggressively, having legal representation by a former Deputy District Attorney that is experienced, dedicated, and aggressive is crucial for your future and the future of your family. In the San Fernando Valley, from Chatsworth to Malibu, Woodland Hills to Calabasas, having a former prosecutor leading the defense lawyers and DUI attorneys at Ridley Defense is the best way to secure you the best possible outcome from any charge.

As a former Deputy District Attorney, I know how the prosecution looks at your case. I know what is important to them in order to get you the best outcome on your case. My team of DUI attorneys and criminal lawyers here in Moorpark and Simi Valley can help you find out if your charges can be dropped. When you choose Ridley Defense, you’re choosing to align yourself with the best defense team in the Conejo Valley and San Fernando Valley areas. With extensive experience in a wide variety of specialized areas of criminal law, the top-ranked criminal defense lawyers at Ridley Defense are the best choice for your defense.

I understand that everyone makes mistakes, but I can help you.  Call now, at no charge, and sleep better tonight.  It’s time to get Southern California’s expert team on your side with the DUI attorneys and criminal lawyers at Ridley Defense.

August 3, 2017
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