Ventura County Criminal Lawyers – About Us Page

My team of criminal lawyers at the Moorpark Law Offices of Douglas H. Ridley is dedicated above all to providing the best criminal defense services in Ventura County. If you’ve been charged with a DUI or other crime, your first call should be to the only team of criminal lawyers who know how to beat the prosecution at its own game and get your charges dropped.

Unlike many criminal lawyers, the team at the Law Offices of Douglas H. Ridley comes from a background in prosecution. Having served as Deputy District Attorney for Ventura County for five years, I know which facts are truly important to your case – and how to use those to get you the smallest possible sentence. Knowing – not guessing – what is important to the prosecutor allows our criminal lawyers at the Law Offices of Douglas H. Ridley to speak the prosecution’s language and beat them and provide you the most effective defense possible.

Our expert team of criminal lawyers has extensive experience in Moorpark, Simi Valley, and the surrounding Ventura County areas – experience that we put to work on your behalf. During my 13 years of experience in the Ventura County court system, I not only acquired a thorough knowledge of the specific culture of the courts, but I also developed a unique relationship with courts and judges throughout the county.

It’s this thorough and intricate knowledge that sets the Law Offices of Douglas H. Ridley apart from other criminal lawyers in the Moorpark area, and it’s exactly why you need the calm, cool rationality of a former prosecution attorney on your side. For the best criminal lawyers in the Conejo Valley, call the Law Offices of Douglas H. Ridley – and let us handle the rest.

August 5, 2011