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The Agoura Hills criminal lawyers at Ridley Defense (formerly Ridley Defense) have years of experience practicing law in the Agoura Hills area – which may be more important to the outcome of your case than you think. The culture of the courts varies widely throughout regions and even states, and the most effective criminal lawyers to handle your case are those who have had extensive experience practicing law in your area.

At Ridley Defense, our Agoura Hills criminal lawyers have been practicing law in the Conejo Valley for over 13 years, and we know that there is a significant difference between criminal defense in Ventura County and Los Angeles County, compared to other areas of California. For example, a criminal defense lawyer who goes into a Ventura County court and expects a plea bargain will lose all credibility with the courts simply because Ventura County courts do not accept plea bargains. Only a criminal attorney who is familiar with the various courts in the Agoura Hills area will be aware of these kinds of small, but critical issues.

Your criminal defense attorney needs to be prepared for the various cultures that they will encounter in any court, and that’s what our team at Ridley Defense offers you as our client. During our many years of serving clients in the Agoura Hills area, we have developed an extensive knowledge of all courts in this area.

If you’ve been arrested on any criminal charges, don’t settle for second best. Call our top-ranked Agoura Hills criminal lawyers now for a free consultation.

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