Agoura Hills DUI Attorneys

Agoura Hills DUI attorneys could be the key in getting your DUI charges dropped. If you’ve been charged with DUI in the Agoura Hills area, this is already a difficult time for you. A DUI charge can be a black mark on your record for years to come, with the potential to affect your employment opportunities, personal future, and even family life. Luckily, however, your situation isn’t hopeless.
Now is the time to call the Agoura Hills DUI Attorneys at Ridley Defense (formerly Ridley Defense).

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, it’s crucial that your first call is to a team of Agoura Hills DUI attorneys. Our legal system can be incredibly tricky, and you will encounter issues and loopholes in your case that only a criminal defense lawyer will be able to identify.

Despite the natural desire to defend oneself, individuals who handle their cases without the assistance of an experienced DUI lawyer put themselves at an immense amount of risk. With the assistance of a team of expert Agoura Hills DUI attorneys, however, your charges may be reduced or even dropped. After spending years as a Deputy District Attorney for Ventura County, my team and I are now putting that expertise and inside knowledge to work defending YOU.

Because specific issues that your DUI lawyer can identify, such as secondary blood tests and pre-trial motions, may determine the outcome of your case, time is of the essence if you’ve been arrested for DUI. The clock is ticking; it’s time to call the Agoura Hills DUI Attorneys at Ridley Defense now.

August 5, 2011
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