Calabasas Criminal Lawyers Providing the Best Criminal Defense in Calabasas

My team of Calabasas criminal lawyers at Ridley Defense, (formerly Ridley Defense) knows what works and what doesn’t. If you’re looking for a criminal lawyer to defend you in court, you’ll find many who have experience in defense; what sets us apart is our experience in prosecution.

At Ridley Defense, my team of Calabasas criminal lawyers benefits from my years of experience as a prosecutor for Ventura County. Not only do I know how the prosecution thinks, but I can also speak their language and predict their tactics. As a former prosecutor with a very high success rate, I’m now using my expertise to serve you.

Some criminal defense attorneys waste time with frivolous motions and arguments in court. I can tell you that these tactics only anger and annoy the prosecutor and the judge. At the end of the day, my team of expert Calabasas criminal lawyers concentrates on getting the judge to see the case from OUR point of view. This gives us credibility with the court and district attorneys, and it allows us to get the job done quickly.

Knowing, not guessing, what is important to the prosecutor in your case is what has enabled us to secure reduced sentences and even dropped charges for hundreds of clients, and it is what allows us to give you the most effective defense possible. If you’ve been arrested on criminal charges from shoplifting to drug trafficking and more, call our expert team of Calabasas criminal lawyers today, and let US advocate for YOU.

August 5, 2011
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