Malibu DUI Attorneys With a Proven Track Record!

The Malibu DUI attorneys at Ridley Defense have seen it all, from everyday offenses to high-profile celebrity DUI cases. However, what sets our expert team of criminal defense lawyers apart from the rest of the legal firms you’ll encounter is our experience on the side of the prosecution.

Our legal system is complicated, especially in the case of driving under the influence. While many DUI lawyers will waste time with frivolous motions and stalling tactics in court, our team of Malibu DUI attorneys knows exactly how the prosecution thinks. It’s this knowledge that enables us to employ the direct, highly effective tactics that will bring your case to justice.

At Ridley Defense, our Malibu DUI attorneys don’t waste time. We get right to the point, we get the prosecution and the judge on your side, and we get your sentence reduced or even your charges dropped.

When you’re selecting a DUI attorney to represent you in court, the legal team at Ridley Defense offer the kind of experience and inside knowledge you need on your side. Only a team that has experience in prosecution as well as defense can truly identify the most effective tactics for defending YOU.

A DUI is a serious mistake, but it’s not one that needs to follow you around for your whole life. With the help of our expert Malibu DUI attorneys, you can avoid the kind of stigma that follows so many DUI offenders around and leave past mistakes where they belong: in the past.

August 5, 2011
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