Every year, as school is winding to a close and graduation draws near, I get an increase in phone calls from parents with legal matters and questions about their minor children and recently turned 18 young adults.  Working on cases with young families is especially rewarding because I get to help return peace of mind to worried parents, while helping a youth recover from a mistake that they'd like to forget.  I am always available for questions from you, your kids, your friends or neighbors in our community that need some legal advice. Lately, I've had a chance to be proactive about … [Read more...]

Drug Possession Charges in California? Get a Drug Possession Attorney! The drug possession lawyers at Ridley Defense are dedicated to helping you overcome the difficult and potentially life-altering challenges of a drug possession charge. However, while drug possession in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties is heavily and aggressively prosecuted, your charges don’t have to be devastating. My team of drug lawyers at Ridley Defense is acutely aware of the risks you face if you’ve been arrested for drug possession in Moorpark or Simi Valley, and we are ready to defend YOU with the full … [Read more...]

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