Every year, as school is winding to a close and graduation draws near, I get an increase in phone calls from parents with legal matters and questions about their minor children and recently turned 18 young adults.  Working on cases with young families is especially rewarding because I get to help return peace of mind to worried parents, while helping a youth recover from a mistake that they'd like to forget.  I am always available for questions from you, your kids, your friends or neighbors in our community that need some legal advice. Lately, I've had a chance to be proactive about … [Read more...]

Juvenile Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney If our juvenile crimes defense lawyers here at Ridley Defense could choose, they’d never work again. Our juvenile crimes defense team wishes just as much as you do that no juveniles or minors were ever involved in criminal activity – and we’ll do our best to ensure that your child’s case makes as few waves in his or her life as possible. Even if it’s a minor crime, these are formative years of in your child’s life – years that shouldn’t be ruined by a careless mistake. If you live in the Moorpark or Simi Valley areas, our team of … [Read more...]

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