Youth Gets Counseled Instead of Jail Sentence

“My son had done something really dumb.  He got caught up with the wrong friends and broke into a house to steal some stuff to get money for alcohol.  We were worried he was going to destroy the rest of his life.  With the counsel of Mr. Ridley and the help of the court, we got my son out of the school he was in, away from his circle of friends, and helped him get on the right path.  He is getting good grades and all this will be off his record once he turns 18.  We are very grateful.”   - J.L., Simi Valley CA … [Read more...]

Rehab Instead Of Jail Testimonial

“I had a real problem.  I was caught up with drugs and had stolen something from a store.  My health was really bad and I wasn’t sure if I’d even survive going to jail.  Doug had helped me with a case several years ago and he came to my rescue again.  He explained to the court that what I really needed was help in a program that would get me well and also teach me to deal with my problems.  Doug convinced the court in Ventura to count the time in the hospital and the program I went into towards my jail.  I’m doing better now, and I know I would never have made it if I had to do … [Read more...]

Simi Valley DUI At Fault Accident Testimonial

“I made a really bad choice and got WAY too drunk at a party I went to.  Bad accident and a bad DUI.  It was my first offense, but I hurt someone.  Doug was able to get my jail time reduced in Ventura by spending a lot of time talking to the judge.  He also helped me with the amount of restitution I had to pay to the woman that I hurt.  He is helping me put back the pieces and get on with my life.”   - A.K., Simi Valley CA … [Read more...]

.08 DUI Charges Reduced to Reckless Driving

I was pulled over and asked if I had been drinking.  I am a 200 pound man and had two beers over the course of a few hours, but was certainly not drunk or even impaired.  When I took the breathalyzer test, it registered .08.  I could not believe that the cop arrested me for a DUI.  I was treated just like a common criminal.  That is, until Doug Ridley and his team took over.  Doug ALWAYS treated me with care, respect and an understanding of the effect that a DUI would have on my life.  In the end, Doug got the charge reduced to reckless driving.  I can't tell you how grateful I am! … [Read more...]

Woodland Hills Criminal Lawyer Testimonial

“Doug is my superhero lawyer! He is always calm and patient and explains the process to me. I love how when he walks into court it seems like everyone is happy to see him: the judges, the prosecutors, the clerks. It makes me even more confident that I picked the right guy to handle my case. I can always count on him to get me out of a jam!”   - K.O. Woodland Hills CA … [Read more...]

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